Power Yoga

Power Yoga

There are several kinds of yoga and, according to the goal we follow by practicing them, it is advisable to choose among them. If our goal is, in addition to silencing the mind and eliminating back pain, the body-forming through the muscle building (even those you have never known before 🙂 ) and fat reduction, POWER YOGA is the right choice for us. It is a Western style of yoga that is a very effective concept of aerobic exercise, thanks to which we can beautifully shape the figure and reduce the amount of non-aesthetic subcutaneous fat. To achieve both of these conditions, it is not only necessary to build muscle mass that gives our body aesthetic shapes but also burn fats. Power yoga join these both in one! You will definitely sweat and on the next day the exercise will remind us a pleasant muscle soreness.

4in1 = cardio, fitness, stretching, meditation

Fat Burning

Strengthening the muscles

HIIT dynamic sequence

Flow and creative vinyasa

Elements of fitness

Active Stretching

Meditation through Positive Psychology

Relieving stress and recharging energy

Event Hours(2)

  • Tuesday

    18.00 - 19.00

    at Golem Club Relaxx
    Einsteinova 3734/7, Bratislava

  • Thursday

    19.00 - 20.00

    at Golem Club Relaxx
    Einsteinova 3734/7, Bratislava