Physio Yoga

Physio Yoga

We come to our everyday yoga practice in a variety of physical and mental conditions – most of us have sedentary jobs, others spend time driving, mothers run away from their parent’s duties after a day with child on their hands, or managers give up their phones and computers for a while… There are many types and concepts of yoga, but not all respect the fact that doing a full candle position or headstand after 8 hours behind the monitor with chin extended forward and heavily overloaded cervical spine or trapezes, the ambushed chest is not safe for our vertebrae and discs. FYZIO YOGA takes precisely these aspects into consideration.

Health aspect for body and mind

Compensating for a sedentary lifestyle

Breathing techniques

Activation of spine and joints

Stretching of the postural muscles

Strengthening of the phasic muscles

Meditation through Positive Psychology

Activation of nerve nodes

Removal of pain and relaxation

Event Hours(2)

  • Monday

    18.30 - 19.45

    at Joga zdravo
    Námestie slobody 7440/13, Bratislava

  • Saturday

    09.00 - 10.15

    at Joga zdravo
    Námestie slobody 7440/13, Bratislava